Peggy Dembicer: Mixed Media Artist
Fiber Options and Mixed Results

Peggy Dembicer is a mixed media artist who creates unique and contemporary artwork. Using her background in textile and fiber arts, she presents a modern take on traditional techniques.

She has explored weaving in all its forms beginning with her earliest focus on tapestry. Through experimentation, her work has diversified in both style and materials. Recent work incorporates recycled materials and found objects.

Peggy Dembicer often includes beads and specialty papers in her constructs. The work takes its shape through the versatility of weaving, gluing, embroidering, stitching or combining them with each other or with paints, fabric, and polymers.

She gets her inspirations from the possibilities she sees in everyday things, from brochures to the rusty metal fragments in the street. She considers how things can be interpreted through fiber or embellished with beads. She continues to delight us with her playful and original interpretations.

Peggy Dembicer currently lives in Avon, Connecticut. She can be contacted by phone (860) 673-7711 and by email at

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